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Roger King & Failure Control Metallurgists and Materials Scientists


Roger King has been involved in many aspects of oil and gas engineering as both consultant and expert witness. Examples of some assignments are shown below.


Advising loss adjusters and CAR policy underwriters on a very large claim involving the failure and subsequent abandonment of 13% chromium super-martensitic flowlines that linked sub-sea wells to a production platform. We advised on land based, surface and hyperbaric welding technology, non-destructive examination issues, the failure investigation and the decision to abandon the pipeline in favour of a carbon steel + corrosion inhibitor replacement. (Offshore Norway)

Instructed in recovery proceedings against a sub-contractor manufacturing defective components for an ultra deep water flow line bundle (Offshore Angola).

Investigation of damage and repair proposals for various flexible risers and sea water injection lines. Roger also investigated the residual fatigue life of a dynamic flexible riser system that had suffered corroded reinforcing wires following flooding of the annulus.

Technical audit of riser and topsides piping stress analysis. General project consulting including fitness for service assessment of non-conforming 24 inch pipe bends.

Evaluation of on-line corrosion and wall thickness inspection data for the original B.P. Forties pipeline linked to a feasibility study for re-commissioning the pipeline after “moth-balling”. Fitness for continued service study of a corroded riser following breakdown of the coating system.

Assessment of sub-standard duplex stainless steel pipework in an ammonia-urea plant subject to static and dynamic loads. Also, fitness for purpose study of weld cracking discovered during the in-service inspection of duplex stainless steel kill and flowline systems. (New Zealand).

Assessment of 8" and 20" pig launchers and receivers containing non-conforming forged nozzles. The problem had occurred as a result of material substitution and fraudulent documentation. Advised in-house lawyers in an agreed settlement with the equipment supplier.


Acted as a consultant to UK Health and Safety Executive in connection with the Safety Case evaluation for a ageing floating production platform with an unusual design.

Advising insurers on the cause and timing of cracks that developed in the horizontal bracing of a modified Aker H-3 semi-submersible drilling rig. Audit of Owner’s consultant’s probabilistic fracture mechanics analysis used to distribute the loss amongst policy years and presentations to underwriters.

Investigation of an FPSO turret bearing failure on behalf of the shipyard and subsequent expert appointment on behalf of warranty insurers in a recovery action against an equipment supplier.

Investigation of alleged cracking damage to an FPSO riser/turret integration system. No cracks were found, and the “damage” was identified as a re-discovery of weld defects that had been accepted through an approved concession application during manufacture.


Statoil Advisory appointment following the discovery of sub-standard steel incorporated into a jacket under construction
ELF Technical opinion on the acceptability of a section of the leg of an offshore platform which was fabricated in error using an incorrect steel. Our report, recommending strengthening, was used as a submission to insurers
BP Evaluation of possible fatigue damage in an X-panel of the VK 989 jacket following vortex induced vibration. The study included guidelines for in-service inspection and repair criteria (Gulf of Mexico)
Exxon Fitness for service and PWHT mitigation study of thick, fatigue sensitive, steel members in the MSF of a concrete gravity base structure (Australia)
Texaco Technical audit of a re-analysis of the Tartan Alpha platform including static strength and spectral dynamic fatigue analyses
BP Evaluation of the future fatigue performance of a damaged conductor guide brace on the Thistle platform
Amoco Fracture Mechanics based study of post weld heat treatment requirements for the Central Graben / CATS development consisting of three platforms and an interconnecting bridge. This work led to a large saving in PWHT costs
BP Fracture Mechanics based fatigue assessment of a failed and repaired single sided closing welds on the Magnus platform. The work was undertaken to assist in the development of revised inspection plans for the platform and to investigate the use of flooded member detection
Amoco Re-analysis of a fatigue damaged node on a northern North Sea platform including an assessment of the remaining fatigue life following repairs by deep grinding