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Roger King & Failure Control Metallurgists and Materials Scientists


We have taken part in many high level marine investigations for Owners, Charterers and Insurance Interests and have been instructed in several well known cases.

We were part of the Owner's technical team investigating the loss of the MSC NAPOLI that suffered hull failure south of the Lizard and was intentionally beached on the Devon coast. Activities included attendance at diving surveys, examination of the wreckage in dry dock, taking samples from the hull, laboratory testing and liaison with other experts and the Marine Accident Investigation Board.

Our highest value marine instruction was the SOLITAIRE, the conversion of a bulk carrier into a specialist pipe-laying vessel. The Owner terminated the conversion contract in Singapore and towed the vessel to a UK yard where the work was completed. Roger King gave evidence in international arbitration regarding alleged incompetence in welding thick steel plates that supported the stinger (a type of ramp that guides the pipe as it leaves the ship), incorrect construction sequence and the significance of a "knuckle" (a kink in the line of the plating) on the fatigue life of the hull. His evidence was accepted by the Tribunal.

As another example we advised hull and machinery underwriters on a well publicised problem of cracked main engine bedplate castings that affected a series of diesel engines used for powering VLCCs. This included the cause and timing of the damage and the apportionment of claims amongst policy years (6 vessels). Roger King was instructed in recovery proceedings in S. Korea.

Numerous instructions have been undertaken in the following areas:
Hull failure corrosion related and structural failure of the hull involving damage/salvage and total loss in all types of vessel
Moorings failure of anchor chains, shackles and joining links
Engine investigation into failures of crankshaft, camshaft, bearings, drive gears, connecting rod and bottom end, piston assemblies and ancillary equipment
Piping cracking in engine room fuel pipes and resulting fires, failure of refrigeration piping and fuel/cargo heating pipes
Gearbox and couplings investigation of failures in gears, shafts and bolted couplings including azimuth thrusters and other complex systems
Rudder failures of rudder, rudder stock, horn and steering gear
Cranes failure of hoist and luff ropes, slewing bearings and drive gearing. Structural failures of jib and pedestal
Yachts investigation of several types of hull, propulsion and rigging failures in power and sailing super yachts
Specialist vessels instructed on damage to semi-submersibles, FPSOs and their systems (see also Oil and Gas)